Chanson Ionizer Water Filter PJ-8000


We have made an upgrade to our best-selling ionizer, Chanson Miracle MAX and Miracle MAX Royale by using the new PJ-8000 internal filter with twist lock technology.

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Product Description

This is a top-grade, PJ-8000 uses Activated Carbon w/ Silver, KDF 55 and Hollow Fiber Membrane as the material inside to down to 0.1 Micron for Virus and Bacteria Protection.

The Chanson PJ-8000 Filter

– Addresses lead and heavy metal ions from old plumbing.

– Absorbs 20 times more than regular activated carbon

– Because of the high density surface area of the  activated carbon it is very efficient at addressing contaminants such as chlorine, THMs,  VOCs, molds, bleach, organics, parasites, taste and odor among others


Note: Remember to manually reset the filter count of your Chanson Water Ionizer after replacing the filter.


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